The importance of warming up: THE RIGHT WAY

A quick 5 minute warm up can be the difference between an effective and ineffective workout. The warm up process must be different than the cool down. Warming up must consist of DYNAMIC STRETCHES. This means that your muscles must be moving along with your body. No stretch should be held for longer than a couple seconds at a time and the body should be in motion while doing them.

Here’s the importance of a dynamic warm-up:

  • Allows the blood flow to increase to the muscles, preparing it for exercise. Heading into a bout exercise with cold muscles that haven’t been engaged and primed for exercise can lead to pulling of a muscle or even a tendon/cartilage tear.
  • It will lead to more explosion and power during your actual workout because the muscles are ready for “takeoff” with these simple and effective movements beforehand. This, in turn, leads to more effectiveness as far as calories burned and muscle gain. PERIOD.

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