Snack time!


In an introduction of myself, explaining that I juggle my professional dance and performing career with running a fitness company and blog while simultaneously planning my own wedding and trying to have a life, the most frequent response is: “Wow. So what and when do you eat?” Well, that’s a great question! I would categorize myself as a “grazer.” I don’t love eating 3 big meals a day. It never sits well in my stomach and to be honest, I don’t like any 1 food enough to claim it as an entire meal. So I eat several small meals throughout my day, but the most important one in my opinion is my late lunch.

After I rehearse for 5-6 hours, I’m absolutely starving! I typically have a short break before I go teach, so I try to fit in a very quick, but impactful snack! Below are 3 of my go-to favorites!

The Classic: Apples and Peanut Butter


Cut up an apple, throw it into a bag or right onto your plate! Add some fresh ground organic peanut butter and you’ve got yourself a great, protein-packed snack! Added bonus: the apples give you a sweet tooth craving, plus an added crunch!


The Green: Veggies and Hummus 


You just can’t go wrong with vegetables and organic hummus. It’s so easy and always a good, healthy option. I love veggies that will give me a good crunch, so I stick with broccoli, cauliflower and snap peas (sometimes carrots too), but any good, organic vegetable will do! Eat the rainbow!


The Fancy: Apple Almond Quinoa 


In my world, sitting for more than 5 minutes to eat must be considered a fancy meal. I sometimes reserve this for a table (because when you spill Quinoa once in your car, you will NEVER do it again), but you can take it to go anywhere! This protein packed snack is a go-to of mine! I love this option (that I get at Whole Foods) but I have a variety of quinoa, fruit and nut dishes I rotate! Yum!

Happy fit life!!

ColleenColleen Shaughnessy 

Founder of Fearlessly Fit Life

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