Practice makes permanent


Growing up as a young dancer, my teacher used an interesting phrase that has stuck with me until this day. She would say, “practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent.” In the world of classical ballet, this is more than true. Perfection is never going to happen, but developing good, permanent habits is the key to being a brilliant dancer.

I feel this same principle applies to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. When we practice living healthy, it becomes a habit. It becomes permanent. It is not about striving to be perfect or someone you are not, but practicing the life you wish to have is exactly how you get that life.

So remember, don’t strive to be perfect just strive to be your very best. Practice the habits that make you healthy and successful until they become permanent.


  1. Cathy Shaughnessy says

    Such wise words from a wise young woman. Yes – ballet taught you so much. Thank you Mrs. Geiger!

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