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If you haven’t heard of Pins to Kill yet, I have a feeling you will soon! This new company out of Melbourne is taking leggings to the next level. If you follow Fearlessly Fit Life, you understand our obsession with leggings! We live in spandex, so teaming up with Pins to Kill was basically our dream come true. They sent us a pair of custom leggings and THEY ARE EVERYTHING.


Pins to Kill is a customised online clothing website launching this month and offering a fresh approach to the future of fashion, fitness and its surrounding community. Their website offers an online platform for the development of personalised garments, specialising in leggings. Customers are encouraged to upload their own design, photo or artwork to create their custom leggings. You can also choose from their range of funky leggings including bold animal prints and geometric patterns and personalise them with a message on the inside.


The website has been created to allow an online platform supporting women who are chasing their dreams. With ambassadors from around the world, ranging from ballerinas to surfers, these women are capturing their lifestyles and sharing them with the world, displaying prints upon their leggings correlating with their daily goals. I am so honored to be an ambassador for this amazing company with an unbelievable message.


By utilising social media networks including Instagram and Facebook, the brand has created the start of the P2K dream chaser community, linking women together to express their ambitions and interests through fashion and by creating profiles on their website.


Founder Linda Vydra says, “I am so excited in working with amazing women from around the world and sharing their stories and inspiration. Our focus is to start a global movement in encouraging dream chasers.”


Launch date for the website falls in December 2015, and sign up for pre-release is currently available online at



Colleen Shaughnessy 

Founder of Fearlessly Fit Life


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