New obsession: vegan manicures!


I’m always looking for the latest and greatest in Chicago and it was such a pleasure to find Naturally Chic Nails! If you’re a fan of Karyn’s Cooked (on Halsted) then you will absolutely love Demi Moore and Naturally Chic Nails!!

After meeting Demi at the BeHealthful Event last month, I just had to try a vegan manicure for myself. Walking into Naturally Chic Nails was absolute heaven. Instead of a wait, a mess and an awful smell, I was greeted by Demi herself (the owner and manicurist at Naturally Chic) and was escorted back to a beautiful and CLEAN nail salon!


I’m incredibly sensitive to chemicals and smells and there was none to be found! Since Demi uses Zoya products for nail polish, polish removers and callus removers. They are 100% vegan and 5 free with no smell or harsh chemicals. And if you have any worries about the quality of the products, I can tell you now that sitting here 10 days later, my mani and pedi both still look great!! But just in case you’re a chronic nail chipper, Demi will also do a no-chip mani too!


Another thing I loved about this experience was that she never reuses files, pumice scrubs, toe separators, buffers or flip flops. If you think this is standard in the industry, think again (ew)! Instead of being wasteful, she cut these products into smaller pieces to use new for each client!


In all honesty, it takes a lot to impress me, but I was definitely impressed by this business. And in tradition with what Fearlessly Fit Life is about, I’ve gotten all my readers a discount to Naturally Chic Nails (and yes, I also received the discount). So if you want to try a vegan mani/pedi for yourself, book your appointment online with Demi at¬†¬†and use promo code: FEARLESS10 for 10% your first visit! (Please put the discount code in the notes section when booking).

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