How to do it: Single Leg Abs!

Single leg abs

Today’s ‘how to do it’ featured exercise is single leg abs! This Pilates abdominal exercise is a great core workout. Try it slow and controlled for best results!

Here’s how you do it:

1. Start with both legs in table top position and flex your spine to bring your head and chest off of the floor. Bring your arms to the sides of your legs.

2. Reach to grab onto the top of your left shin. Grab your ankle with your left hand and your knee with the right hand (to keep proper alignment of the lower leg). Exhale pull your left leg in and allow the right leg to extend out. Be sure to maintain your low back on the mat at all times!

3. Inhale to switch and exhale pull your right knee in.

4. Keep switching and feel the burn!!

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