How to do it: Scissors!

It’s time to kick off our weekly “How to do it” post!! We’ll be using pictures to show you how to properly do simple exercises to get you on your way to a better workout regimen!

Today we’re featuring a Pilates abdominal exercise called “Scissors.” Simultaneously strengthen and stretch with this great exercise to promote blood flow, strengthen your abs and stretch your hamstrings! Enjoy!!

PicMonkey Collage

Here’s how to do it:

Begin with your toes reaching towards the ceiling. Your head and chest lift off the mat as you reach your fingertips towards your toes. Grab behind your right leg as you extend your left leg long towards the mat (squeezing your glute to maintain control). As you exhale, you gently pull your leg closer to you. Inhale and switch legs to grab behind the left leg. Repeat!

TIPS: Keep your low back on the mat at all times! In Pilates we call this ‘imprint.’ To decrease neck tension, nod your chin and look at your belly button throughout the exercise! Most importantly, keep breathing!!

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