Confessions of a KitchFix addict


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There are many things I truly appreciate in life, but convenience and good, healthy food would definitely be high on the list. So when I came across KitchFix last fall, it felt like a dream come true. Although there are a number of food delivery services in Chicago, KitchFix is definitely the creme de la creme. Not only do they offer unbelievable and super healthy food, but they bring it directly to you. Too good to be true, you wonder? Read on…

The KitchFix meal delivery service offers a wide variety of meals, snacks, beverages, and deli items to give busy people another option for eating healthy. In just a few easy steps, you can enjoy flavorful and nourishing meals in the comfort of your own home, knowing that you are giving your body everything it needs, and nothing it doesn’t. KitchFix offers three methods of delivery: deliver to a kitchfix hub ($1), home delivery ($6) and kitchen pick up (free).

My KitchFix Experience:

Meal planning for a week can be such a pain. I always try and plan my meals somewhat ahead of time to avoid lingering at the refrigerator ravaging through anything edible, to then later regret it! I ordered my first “fix” on a Friday to plan for my meals the following week as I headed out of town for the weekend (you can read more about KitchFix delivery deadlines here). I ordered several meals for my fiancé and I to enjoy throughout the following week. I put my order in Friday, scheduling the Delivery for Monday evening, proceeded to leave town and basically not think about it again until my doorbell rang promptly at my scheduled time on Monday evening. What happened next was magical…

My food came. It looked amazing. I chose my first meal, which was prepackaged, cooked and ready to go. I heated it up in a skillet and about 7 minutes later I was eating a home cooked, healthy dinner.



This continued throughout the week as I came home to the same simplicity and deliciousness as the first night! Some of my favorite fixes include the power green veggie quinoa bowl (now on my weekly fix list), almond crusted chicken strips and the paleo kale caesar! Yum!


This is a company with not only great food, but absolutely great service. My meal was delivered on time and totally fresh. My first fix included a personalized note from the chef and a sampling of their famous paleo granola (which you can now find at Whole Foods)! The chef then texted me the following day to see how I liked my meals. I am a huge fan of KitchFix and what they stand for. We all deserve to be healthy, even when our busy lives make it difficult. Much of the same morals my own company was founded on, KitchFix stands by.


Now it’s your turn to try KitchFix!

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Stay tuned for a Fearlessly Fit Life and KitchFix event in April! Details to come soon!

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