Colleen’s 5 Favorite Core Exercises

  1. Crunch with straight legs

IMG_1962Keep your toes pointed straight up into the air and reach your fingertips toward your toes. As you exhale, lift your head and chest into a crunch as your reach your fingers closer towards your toes. Inhale and slowly control your head back down to the floor. Be sure to keep your low back on the mat at all times.

Repeat 10-20x


  1. Pilates Teaser

IMG_1968Begin lying on the mat with your legs reaching diagonally out and away from your body. Your low back should stay on the mat at all times. Starting with your arms by your ears, inhale reach your arms towards the ceiling. As you exhale, sequentially roll your spine off the mat to bring your upper body to meet your legs. Inhale lift your chest while maintaining the C-curve in your low spine. Exhale slowly lower your upper body all the way down to the mat.

Repeat 3-5x


  1. Oblique Twist

IMG_1969Begin by lying on the mat with your legs in table top and the head and chest lifted. Keep your low back on the mat. Exhale as you extend one leg out as you rotate your upper body toward the bent knee. Inhale as you pass center and exhale to switch to the opposite side.

Repeat 10-20x

  1. Side plank with top leg abduction

IMG_1984Find a solid side plank on your elbow. Make sure your shoulder is directly above your elbow and your shoulder blade is securely down your back. Squeeze your inner thighs together and press up to a side plank. To add an extra challenge, engage through your bottom glute and squeeze your top leg up towards the sky. Lift it up gently as you exhale and squeeze your inner thighs back together as your exhale. Keep your core engaged at all times!

Repeat 5-8x on each side!


  1. Twisted plank

IMG_2000Get into the plank position with your hands and feet shoulder-width distance apart. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Engage your core and bend one knee, bringing it towards your opposite elbow. Return to the starting position. Reverse!

Repeat 10-20x


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