Gut Check


This woman drank 3 liters of water per day and her results were amazing! Great genes and luxurious skincare will get you part of the way to having radiant, gorgeous skin (and believe me, that’s a part you DON’T want to ignore!). But truly glowing skin requires attention from the inside-out just as … Read More

Skin Love

Closeup collage portrait of beautiful young girl

  Let’s pause and take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of our oft-forgotten friend, the skin.Your body’s largest organ, the skin, acts as a protective, dynamic interface between you and the environment. Roughly 30,000 skin cells are born and another 30,000 die every single day. Each … Read More

Practice makes permanent


Growing up as a young dancer, my teacher used an interesting phrase that has stuck with me until this day. She would say, "practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent." In the world of classical ballet, this is more than true. Perfection is never going to happen, but developing good, … Read More

The Reward


Last week I took you through the life of a professional dancer in Chicago (or in other words, my life!) After seeing the nitty gritty that goes into making an impressive show, I wanted to share the reward: performing! After a successful weekend of performing, here are some sneak peak pictures … Read More

Behind the Scenes


Before any dancing can take place, the stage needs to be set! The crew needs to come in to hang lights, lay flooring, set up props, staging, curtains, wings, etc... It's a long day filled with hard work by our amazing crew members, lighting/set designers, stage manager, Artistic Director and some … Read More