Your Body is Forever

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As I mentioned in my post My Not So Typical Push Present I hired Colleen as my personal trainer to help get my postpartum body back into shape. My experience with Colleen was incredible! I started my personal training sessions at 7 weeks postpartum. A bonus of working with Fearlessly Fit Life is … Read More

The Not So Typical Push Present

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For those of you that don't know what a push present is (or for every guy out there!).... it is a gift the father gives to the mother as a thank you for pushing their baby out! Typically a push present is jewelry, but some women have received presents as extravagant as a new car. A car!? It mostly … Read More

New obsession: vegan manicures!


I'm always looking for the latest and greatest in Chicago and it was such a pleasure to find Naturally Chic Nails! If you're a fan of Karyn's Cooked (on Halsted) then you will absolutely love Demi Moore and Naturally Chic Nails!! After meeting Demi at the BeHealthful Event last month, I just had … Read More

BOSU Cardio


I'm breaking down my favorite cardio moves on the BOSU and taking you through a quick, but challenging BOSU cardio workout. Get your heart rate up and follow along!   Colleen Shaughnessy  Founder of Fearlessly Fit Life   … Read More

Stability Planks


Bored with planks? Try taking your planks to the next level by adding some fun props to add difficulty! Don't have a BOSU or stability ball? Try these same exercises on a chair or with a pillow! Plank with elbows on the stability ball  Plank with feet on the stability ball Plank with one … Read More