Wellness Works


I’m a true believer in wellness. Waiting until something is wrong to take care of it just seems a little silly to me. BUT, taking care of you every day is something I’m totally on board with. It may help prevent you from one day suffering from a serious illness (including obesity and diabetes) or … Read More

Backpacks: Look good and reap the benefits


Backpacks get a bad rap. For something so practical, they’ve become incredibly taboo. I remember all through my schooling days avoiding wearing a backpack by any means. I would load up a cute tote with 85lbs of books, papers and a laptop to trudge through around like nothing was bothering me … Read More

Knee Push-Up


As we always try to stress here at FFL, form is the MOST important component when exercising! Make sure you know how to do a proper push-up from your knees! Sometimes it can be tough for people to keep their pelvis in line with their spine! Take notes! Correct: Straight line from top of the head … Read More