How to do it: Scissors!


It's time to kick off our weekly "How to do it" post!! We'll be using pictures to show you how to properly do simple exercises to get you on your way to a better workout regimen! Today we're featuring a Pilates abdominal exercise called "Scissors." Simultaneously strengthen and stretch with this … Read More

Welcome to Fearlessly Fit Life

welcome to ffl

Welcome to Fearlessly Fit Life! We are so happy to have you on board with us to develop YOUR stress-free relationship with fitness. FFL will serve as your constant stream of fitness and health information! We will constantly be posting interesting information, articles, and answers to questions you … Read More

Knee Push-Up


As we always try to stress here at FFL, form is the MOST important component when exercising! Make sure you know how to do a proper push-up from your knees! Sometimes it can be tough for people to keep their pelvis in line with their spine! Take notes! Correct: Straight line from top of the head … Read More