BOSU Butt Lift


The BOSU is such a great way to enhance your bridge position. This exercise not only targets your glutes and hamstrings, but works your entire core! Check out these 3 progressions for the ultimate BOSU butt lift! 1. Bridge  Place the BOSU onto it's flat side and lay down with your heels … Read More

Balance and Stability on the BOSU part 2


If you  missed part 1 of the balance and stability on the BOSU yesterday...check it out here! Today, we're moving on to the more advanced version of these exercises. These exercises are tough, so you may need to hold onto the wall until you can maintain your balance. It's ok that it's tough! Be … Read More

Balance and Stability on the BOSU Part 1


Maybe it's the dancer in me, but I think balance and stability is one of the most important things we can all work on. Functional training that targets these areas is important and the BOSU is a great way to work this. We will start off by learning a simple single leg balance exercise and all the … Read More



I absolutely LOVE the BOSU! So I'm dedicating an entire week to show you all the amazing things about this awesome piece of portable equipment! To start, we're looking at my favorite BOSU core work! 1. Plank Flip the BOSU onto the round side and place both hands on the sides of the flat … Read More