Stability Planks


Bored with planks? Try taking your planks to the next level by adding some fun props to add difficulty! Don't have a BOSU or stability ball? Try these same exercises on a chair or with a pillow! Plank with elbows on the stability ball  Plank with feet on the stability ball Plank with one … Read More

BeHealthful Retreat Giveaway!


We’ve teamed up with the Balanced Babe and are giving away 2 passes to the 2nd annual BeHealthful Retreat in Chicago on September 27! Not only do we have the pleasure of giving away 2 passes to this full day of pampering, moving and mingling, but we also get to attend! With over 20+ spa vendors, … Read More

Don’t Forget to Breathe!


Deep breathing is so important when starting any exercise program or regimen. No matter what form of exercise, from yoga to high intensity, it is essential. Stretching isn’t always enough to properly cool down from a workout and sometimes we often forget to synchronize our breathing with any … Read More

Switching up your routine


  It is so important to always be switching up your routine and not always going to the gym for a workout. I have recently been jogging and doing some body resistance workouts on a trail near my residence. I usually start off speed walking to get the juices flowing, then I will stop at … Read More

How to do it: Single Leg Lunges!


We're breaking down the common mistakes we see often doing lunges! Here are the do's and don'ts for lunging!! Correct: To begin, your front foot should be firmly planted on the ground with the front knee slightly bent. As you come down into the lunge, the front knee bends at a 90 degree angle … Read More

Practice makes permanent


Growing up as a young dancer, my teacher used an interesting phrase that has stuck with me until this day. She would say, "practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent." In the world of classical ballet, this is more than true. Perfection is never going to happen, but developing good, … Read More