Pins to Kill


If you haven't heard of Pins to Kill yet, I have a feeling you will soon! This new company out of Melbourne is taking leggings to the next level. If you follow Fearlessly Fit Life, you understand our obsession with leggings! We live in spandex, so teaming up with Pins to Kill was basically our dream … Read More

Yoga and Fertility

yoga and fertility

Anyone who has had difficulty trying to conceive knows that it can be an exhausting and stressful time in your life. I know this firsthand because it took my husband and me a year to conceive our son. Looking back, a year really isn’t that long, but when you are in midst of trying … Read More

Your Body is Forever

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As I mentioned in my post My Not So Typical Push Present I hired Colleen as my personal trainer to help get my postpartum body back into shape. My experience with Colleen was incredible! I started my personal training sessions at 7 weeks postpartum. A bonus of working with Fearlessly Fit Life is … Read More

The Not So Typical Push Present

Bridget Sievers Headshot

For those of you that don't know what a push present is (or for every guy out there!).... it is a gift the father gives to the mother as a thank you for pushing their baby out! Typically a push present is jewelry, but some women have received presents as extravagant as a new car. A car!? It mostly … Read More

BOSU Cardio


I'm breaking down my favorite cardio moves on the BOSU and taking you through a quick, but challenging BOSU cardio workout. Get your heart rate up and follow along!   Colleen Shaughnessy  Founder of Fearlessly Fit Life   … Read More